Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blended Fruit

A.k.a. smoothies. Simple to make, hard not to enjoy. I realized this morning that my blender has been severely underworked this summer. With such an incredible diversity of fruit ripening before my eyes, I feel as though every breakfast should be pureed and slurped before the first frosts steal it all away. There are several things that I love about smoothies:
  1. It's difficult to come up with a bad combination of flavors.
  2. Experimentation pretty much always leads to success.
  3. Pretty colors.
  4. They are quick, and they are easy.

Today, when I opened the fridge, I was greeted by a half pint of blueberries received in my CSA share yesterday and a peach that was given to me by another farmer earlier this week (fruit gifts are the greatest). Together they were destined to become a sweet liquid to satisfy my morning hunger.

I like to keep it simple, folks. No powders, no syrups. Just fruit and juice or rice milk. Simply delightful. Happy summer.

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