Monday, August 17, 2009

Day at the Market

There can be no question about my undying love for the farmers market. Any farmers market, not just my own (yeah, I kinda feel a completely undeserving sense of ownership). The University District Saturday extravaganza (not its actual name, of course) is perhaps the most popular "farmers only" market in the city of Seattle. The unassuming parking lot that guards the entrance to the University Heights Community Center six days a week is completely transformed each Saturday into a tent-city packed with hungry people, colorful produce, fresh meats, artisan cheeses, homemade pastries, local musicians, and the list of wonders goes on and on. Saturday mornings are the highlight of my week.

This past weekend I decided that the intelligent thing to do would be to tote my camera along. Surprisingly, this pretty much never occurs. Why? My hands are usually too overwhelmed with the weight of my purchases to make photography very plausible. The remedy, I figured out, would be to go early and snappity-snap before the shopping began.

August is an incredible month for local food. The choices of veggies, fruit, and fresh fish available this time of year are astounding and leave me quietly wishing that it will never end. Please, don't take away the heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn... I know that my begging is futile.

Dragon Tongue... Why haven't I bought these before?

The Estrella Family Creamery is the place for cheese. Willing myself away from the samples is an ongoing challenge.

A positively lovely lady crossed my path, dressed head to toe in paisley prints. Her hands and feet were stunning with this intricately stained henna swirling and coiling its complexity around them. Her wedding was to be held the following day.

Peach samples. Two words that sound so mouthwatering when placed next to one another on this page. Sweet, orange beauties of summer.

Until next week then...

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