Friday, July 30, 2010

Harvest Dinner

Gardening is fun.  Planting seeds, getting dirty, watching seedlings grow and flourish - all incredibly enjoyable activities.  Let's face it though, the real reason we do all of those things is so we can eat.

I happen to be a huge fan of eating.  Not just because it's necessary for my survival as a living organism, but because I love tasting.  I love to discover different textures and flavors in my mouth.  I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes after finishing the last bite of a perfect meal.  There's nothing like pushing aside an empty plate, leaning back in the chair, and releasing a sigh of such contentment that it would seem all of the imperfections in the world have ceased to exist. 

When some or all of the food in those sigh-inducing dishes come from my own garden, the pleasure suddenly skyrockets to an entirely new level.  At least, for me it does.

These are some of the veggies that I harvested from our garden this weekend.  This is our second year growing carrots, but the kohlrabi and potatoes are new additions this year.  I'm so glad we grew All Blue potatoes!  They are purple to the core, adding a festive color contrast to the meals they adorn.  The kohlrabi was grown with my boyfriend in mind.  He makes an awesome dish with roasted kohlrabi in a garlic butter sauce.  He made it last night, in fact.  Here's a picture.

There's Parmesan and fresh basil in this version of the kohlrabi dish.  It was excellent.  We also ate baked salmon from our favorite fish mongers at Loki Fish Company and a green salad with our carrots and lettuce from our favorite summer greens vendor, Let Us Farm (who, unfortunately, don't have much of a presence on the web).

This weekend, I'll get to pull more carrots up out of the dirt, along with more potatoes, onions, shallots and lettuce.  Seventy square feet definitely doesn't keep us fed, but we have so much fun and never cease to be amazed at the food we can produce ourselves.  If you don't already cultivate some soil with veggies, fruits or other produce, you are totally missing out.  What are you waiting for!  Grow food!


  1. Will there be any blue potatoes the last week in August? See you then. YUM!

  2. Well, Anonymous, I'm guessing you're one of my soon-to-be-visitors. I think there just may be some purple potatoes left when you make your way out here. Can't wait to see you!


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