Saturday, July 31, 2010


I went grocery shopping yesterday, as I typically do on Friday afternoons, to stock up on staples for the coming week.  As the automatic doors of the super-market parted in welcome, the first thing I was confronted with was a display of grapes.  Bunches upon bunches of organic purple and green little fruits all bagged and beckoning with their "Sale!" sign perched up above to entice shoppers into adding some to their fresh, empty carts.

I was definitely enticed.

As someone who tries to eat locally as much as possible, I don't go for grapes too often these days.  They do grow here in Washington and wind up at the farmer's market on occasion, but I can't remember the last time any grapes could be found in my refrigerator at home.

These grapes were obviously exceptional.

Today I brought my plastic bag full of green grapes out of the fridge, rinsed them in a colander, gently shook off the water, and proceeded to... well, to photograph them, of course.

What?  Did you think I would actually eat something before recording its portrait?  Maybe in the past, but definitely no longer.  My boyfriend laughed and said, "All you want to do is use those new plates and take pictures of your food."  He's right.  I found these large, square, white plates at Goodwill a couple of days ago and needed to use them for something.

One plate became a platform for my succulent grape shots.

I can't help it that food blogging has become central to my thought processes when it comes to the things I consume.  I know from my extensive list of feed subscriptions to other food blogs that I'm not the only one out there who makes their partner wait "just a few more minutes" for dinner so that a perfect photograph can be taken.

There may be a thin line between interest and obsession, but I think I'm doing a hell of job riding it.  I hope you enjoy the grapes as much as I did.


  1. I have been eating them like crazy here in WI too. Of course, mine never see a lens. Loving your writing.

  2. Grapes are so addictive! I started food blogging just over a month ago and I can tell that people are beginning to get annoyed when I'm like, "Wait! I need to take a picture first!" before they can eat. Or I love it when I'm out to eat and I set up something as random as a slice of pizza for a little photoshoot. I get weird looks sometimes! So funny. Your grape photos are beauties!

  3. grapes are a nice treat from time to time, they don't grow them to much around here either, except for wine. They are so good though, its hard to stop eating them!


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