Monday, November 19, 2012

thanksgiving & pizza

I know what you must be thinking, after reading the title of this post.  This girl is one of those untraditionalists who says 'F the turkey, we're ordering pizza'. 

Well, I won't say never.  I mean, last year it was a toss-up between Ethiopian food and chicken wings, which was settled, in the end, by Chinese hotpot (a current favorite).  But not this year. We're giving thanks the old-fashioned way, here at the west coast branch of the Blubaugh Family Household (the main offices being in central Ohio, of course).

The turkey is currently taking up about a third of our tiny fridge, waiting for curtain call this Thursday morning when our Thanksgiving Spectacular debuts in all its comfort food glory.  Also in the lineup are an herbed GF stuffing, my mom's corn casserole (adapted to GF, naturally), mashed potatoes, GF gravy, and a GF apple pie courtesy of my sweetheart's mother via Wheatless in Seattle (wonderful allergy-friendly baked goods, check 'em out).

So, no, we're not eating pizza for Thanksgiving.

The problem, though, is that I don't really have a Thanksgiving recipe to share with you right now.  There's been a battle in my mind for the past two days about the necessity for relevancy in what will most likely be my only blog post this week leading up to the holiday.

Well, people will surely want ideas for their dinners.  Or at least, they'll want to be amused by a story and recipe about what I'll be making this year.

Ultimately, it came down to this.  I don't have any holiday food made, therefore, I have no photos of said non-existent food, and consequently, no content for a Thanksgiving post.  Sorry, people.

What I do have, which is what I'm also most thankful for this year, is a wonderful partner who takes care of me when I have little time to care for myself.  The added bonus is that this girl can throw down in the kitchen.

That added bonus part?  Is what led to these pizzas.  You see, somehow I managed to screw up the dough for the French Rolls I was making, and it came out ridiculously runny.  When I attempted to form the rolls on the baking sheet, they just oozed across the pan.

The result?  Flatbread.

Well, Sweets to the rescue on this one.  She whipped up a cilantro sunflower seed pesto and smeared it right onto those flat, defeated looking breads.  Add to that some layers of tomato, prosciutto, and fontina... suddenly those breads were doing a little jig.  Some time in the oven and a fresh avocado later, our newly christened pizzas were downright party rockin' (sorry, LMFAO forever!).

Needless to say, they were amazing, and Sweets and I were savoring every bite.  I hope to do the same this Thanksgiving,,, my favorite person and I bumping around in our teeny kitchen and absolutely luxuriating in our meal together.

Give thanks, friends.  With or without a turkey.

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