Monday, January 16, 2012


The year is anew, friends, and alarmingly far into its first month. I'm realizing that my extended absence from this site is no longer excusable.  My keyboard is chilly with disuse; my tripod stands lonely in the corner.  It's been a sad state of affairs, really, but, as I said, the year is anew.  It's time to revive.  To rejuvenate.

Often times, I get the urge to recap the previous year with bits and excerpts from recipes past, images archived and stories already written. Well, since I was MIA for about half of last year, instead, I've decided to look forward.  To give a glimpse into the future of this blog and what flavors lie in store for you readers out there.

In 2012 I'll be sharing my new found love of the mobile Mexican kitchen, otherwise known as the taco truck, and the recreation of its cilantro-laced wonders on my own stove. Homemade taco seasoning is my new best friend on the spice shelf.

I'll also be exploring the many colorful faces of the world's most important seasoning.  Yes, that would be salt.  Beautiful, isn't it? 2011 sparked my interest in sampling this staple in all its mineral-rich varieties.  Now my cabinet is full of little dishes and bags of different salts.  I'm not ashamed to say that I love them.

Now, this next flick, folks, is a pan of my chicken enchiladas with roasted peppers and white sauce.  It's good. You won't want to stop eating it.  I suggest sharing with friends to avoid being a total fatty.

OK, last but not even in the vicinity of least, I want to tempt you with what's now become my all-time favorite food to cook and consume.  The cooking part I love because it's basically fool-proof and requires a minimum of prep.  And the consuming part?  It's euphoric.  Have you hear the term foodgasm?  As much as the word annoys me, I have to admit that I got that same weak-in-the-knees, eyes-rolled-back kind of feeling implied by it the first time I tasted this dish.  Red wine braised short ribs. 

If you try one new recipe in 2012, make this the one.  It's life changing.

Well, y'all.  That's it for now.  I'm excited for another year of cooking, eating, writing, and all the whatnots that come along with this little food blog.  

See you soon.


  1. Welcome back! The photos look wonderful and the enchiladas sound splendid :)
    Happy New Year

  2. Ditto on the welcome back. Missed you.


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