Saturday, March 19, 2011

huevos rancheros

9:01 am

I'm working on enhancing my creativity level for weekend breakfasts.  Eggs are always a given, usually fried, and, lately, our plates haven't been dressed with much more than a piece of toasted bread.  Not that eggs and toast isn't a fine breakfast every now and again.  The combo is a definite winner when speed is of the essence.  But let's face it.  It's boooriiiing.

So today those eggs are getting a bit of a makeover.  A tortilla or two.  Some tomato sauce spiced with onions and chilis.  A touch of sharp cheddar.  And some cilantro from my windowsill herb garden.  I've decided that today would be an excellent day for huevos rancheros.

I have black beans destined for a side dish bubbling away on the stove as I type this.

9:57 am

The tomato sauce is a chunky, enchilada-esque variety, with a smoky heat from the ample ancho chili powder, cumin, onions and crushed garlic. Tex-mex at it's finest.

I'm not sure that I've written a post this way before.  Typing away as the food begins its journey from fridge to belly, pausing, returning with more words.  Writing as I go.

There will be a slight intermission soon, when we make our way to the farmer's market for our weekly stockpile of eggs and produce and meats.  When we return, the action will resume once again; tortillas browned, eggs fried, cheese grated, mouths stuffed. 

Feel free to take a break.  Stretch your legs, grab some refreshments.  I'll be back in a jiffy.

1:24 pm

The market was a delight of sunshine and smiles today.  We bought potatoes for our garden plot and picked fresh rosemary and sage for tonight's dinner.  I love that our garden is next-door neighbors with our farmer's market.

Gotta run again.  The sun is actually shining, and it appears that this winter may end after all.  

Breakfast was a huge hit, by the way.  Here's a close up:

I think I'll just cut to the chase.  It's recipe time.

Huevos Rancheros
serves 2-4 

For the sauce:
1 T. olive oil
1 15oz. can diced tomatoes (mine were "no salt added")
1/2 onion, diced
2 T. ancho chili powder
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. salt (or less if your tomatoes contain salt)
2 cloves garlic, minced
dash of cayenne
  • Briefly pulse the tomatoes in a food processor or blender to make a chunky liquid.  Set aside.
  •  Heat the olive oil in a medium sauce pan.  Add the onion, and cook, stirring, until they begin to turn translucent.  Add the chili powder, cumin, salt and cayenne.  Stir and cook another minute.
  • Stir in the tomatoes and garlic, and bring the sauce to a simmer.  Simmer, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes.  Turn the heat to low and stir occasionally while prepping the rest of the dish.
For the beans:
1 C. cooked black beans
1-2 tsp. pork fat (I've been straining the solids from bacon grease and saving it in a jar in the fridge)
1/2 tsp. cumin
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. cayenne
  • Heat the pork fat in a small saucepan over medium-low.  Stir in the beans, cumin, salt and cayenne.  If the beans look dry, add a tablespoon or two of water and stir. 
  •  Keep warm over low heat while prepping the rest of the dish.
For the eggs and assembly:
1/2+ T. butter
2-4 eggs
salt, to taste
2-4 corn tortillas
1/4-1/3 C. sharp cheddar cheese, grated
cilantro for garnish
  • Heat a tiny amount of butter in a small skillet over medium heat.  Place 1 tortilla in the pan and fry for 2-3 minutes.  Flip and fry on the other side for another couple of minutes. Remove it from the pan and place on a plate.
  • Repeat with remaining tortillas.
  •  While the tortillas are frying, heat the butter in a large skillet over medium-low heat.  Crack in the eggs, one at a time, season each with a pinch of salt, and cook until the whites are no longer transparent.  Flip and cook the eggs for another 2-3 minutes, and immediately remove from the heat.
  • To assemble, spoon some of the bean mixture over the tortilla, and then top each with a fried egg.  Spoon several tablespoons of sauce over each egg, sprinkle on the grated cheese and cilantro leaves, and serve.   
This meal got an enormous stamp of approval.  I had leftover sauce, which I put in the freezer for future deliciousness; possibly enchiladas or another round of huevos.  The spice level was perfect if you enjoy a little kick, but it can easily be adjusted by adding or omitting cayenne and/or chili powder.

This will most definitely be a repeat brunch/lunch/dinner at our place.  Enjoy!


  1. Yummy, it looks tasty, thanks for the recipe :)

  2. Love Mexican breakfast! Congrats on top 9!

  3. Thanks Alyce and Food Lover. I'm so excited to be in the Foodbuzz top 9! It's my first time, and I'm all giddy about it.

    I'm glad this dish got some recognition. It's one of the best recipes I've come up with in a while.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love huevos rancheros and all kinds of Mexican egg dishes. Your version sounds delicious!

  5. Beautiful photos and such a great dish, love it!


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