Friday, March 25, 2011

Eat Real Food: Food for Life - a fundraiser to benefit seattle's emergency meal programs

I know that, lately, there has been a huge effort to help those affected by recent tragedies all over the world.  I'm sure many of you have already donated to help the people in Japan who've lost everything, and I admire all of you who have.

Now you have the chance to help those suffering closer to home.  This coming May, Seattle and King County area residents will have the opportunity to extend their generosities to their very own neighbors in the Puget Sound region who live without adequate shelter, income, access to food, or most other creature comforts that we tend to take for granted.

The Organization:

Meals Partnership Coalition is holding this special event to aid their work in alleviating hunger throughout King County.  MPC is a Seattle-based, non-profit organization that works with area programs to provide low and no cost meals to homeless and poverty-stricken residents.

MPC not only provides a backbone to the many organizations offering meal programs, but they also strive to ensure that the food provided is made from quality ingredients that provide proper nutrition and benefit the health of this at-risk population. 

In other words, they totally rock.

The Event:

Buy your tickets now for an evening of delectable food, wine, and music to benefit MPC and emergency meal providers of Seattle and King County on Wednesday, May 25th!

Eat Real Food: Food for Life will feature a marvelous assortment of hors d'oeuvres made with organic ingredients by some of the talented chefs that work for emergency meal programs in King County, WA.  The multi-cultural cuisine will be served up buffet-style and each attendee will receive a complimentary glass of organic, red or white wine, with proper ID, of course.  Additional wine will be available at $5 a glass.

In addition to a party for your taste buds, the event will also feature a silent auction where guests will be invited to bid for fabulous items and services (to be announced) to further aid MPC in their quest to achieve full bellies and healthy food for everyone here in the Seattle area.

And, as if things couldn't get any more amazing, guests will be serenaded by the sweet, musical stylings of the talented Spanish Guitar Virtuoso, Andre Feriante.  If you haven't heard the magic this man creates with his guitar, I seriously suggest heading on over to his website for a taste.  Impressed?  Yeah, I thought so.

This event will be hosted by Fare Start, another of Seattle's incredible non-profits that provides culinary training and job placement to homeless and disadvantaged individuals.

Tickets for this luscious evening of edible delights and entertainment are only $25 apiece and can be purchased online from Brown Paper Tickets.  Just click on this link or on the flier above to buy your tickets now. All proceeds go directly to Meals Partnership Coalition.

Help MPC to ensure that all King County residents have access to the nutritious food they deserve.  You won't want to miss it!

If you're dying in helping the cause but aren't interested or available for delicious food and wine and world-class music (umm, what's wrong with you?), head on over to MPC's website to donate directly.  As a close friend of the organization's program manager, Shayne Kraemer, I know how much MPC truly appreciates your support!

Food for Thought:

In January of this year, the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness counted nearly 2500 individuals sleeping outdoors in King County during their annual One Night Count. During one winter night each January, hundreds of volunteers scour the county, recording the number of people living and sleeping without adequate shelter.

According to the organization's website, "The numbers of people counted outside are separate from the roughly 6000 people who were in area emergency shelters and transitional housing programs on the same night."

That's a LOT of people living without a home, without a kitchen, and without the opportunities that most of us are privileged to enjoy.  The least we can do is offer these folks something safe and healthy to eat, don't you think?  

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  1. This is such a wonderful thing. I am not local to the area but I appreciate the post.


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