Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Healing Powers of Chocolate

In recent months I have become something that I have never considered myself before.  I've tacked on a new label to my persona, something that I'm often loathe to do, but am fully embracing in this particular situation.  That thing that I have decided to become, friends, is... A Contestant.

No, no game shows or bull riding or whatever other freakish thing just came to your mind (I know how you think).  I'm talking about contests.  Lotteries of sorts.  Have you ever been flipping through a magazine and seen an advertisement for a sweepstakes with a grand prize all-expenses paid, luxury, vacation, cruise, kitchen makeover, ten thousand dollars, life-time supply of whatever?  Well, I've been entering those contests.

You see, back in April I won some dried mushrooms through the Foodie Blogroll (check out their widget to the right).  It was exceptionally fun to be randomly selected to win a box of dried fungi, which I love.  So much fun, that I started entering into the FB contests every month.  Then in August, I entered into the Foodbuzz/Oroweat Summer Grilling Recipe Contest, which I won.  Still a little bit overwhelmed by that one.

So once I'd tested the waters with this contest entering business and found that sometimes I do actually get really great stuff, I jumped head first onto the wagon.  Now I enter contests every time I come across one.  Win a Vitamix, or a weekend in wine country.  My favorite contests to enter, though, are the ones whose prizes are books.  Food books.

That is why I am proud to fill you all in on this contest that I'm currently hoping (fingers, toes, arms, legs... everything is crossed!) to win.  The prize is a book.  About food.  About chocolate.  And I'll go even further.  The prize is a book about the healing properties of chocolate.  Did you just get chills?  Me too.

Here's a delicious pic of the goods.  This is one of the giveaways on the Foodie Blogroll for the month of December.  I know what you're thinking.  How can I get a little piece of this awesomeness (the blogroll, not the chocolate)?
If you are a food blogger, just get yourself on over to the Foodie Blogroll website and submit your blog.  Once you're approved and have the widget on your site, you too can begin to enter fabulous giveaways on a monthly basis and have a chance to take home some super sweet prizes.  

The blogroll is also an excellent way to discover other blogs full of delectability.  Yes, I just made up that word, but you get my drift. 

The end.  Happy December everyone! 

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