Friday, August 20, 2010

Three Words

School.   Is.   Out!!!

I don't always talk about it in this space, but I have been a full-time student for the past... oh... 18 months now.  I haven't had more than 10 days off from school for the past 11 months.  Let me take just a moment to breathe deep and become one with the realization that I am now, as of 12:30pm today, beginning a 38 day break from classes! This information has been brain-logged into the category of Barely Believable.

What will I be doing with this time - these seconds, minutes, hours-on-end of sweet, homeworkless time?  I wish I had some incredible, over-seas adventure planned. Beaches, exotic foods, and hours to kill in airports (OK, that last one isn't really part of the fantasy, but I would love it anyway!).

The less than glamorous reality is that I'll be working - something that actually becomes appealing after a year of living on a student budget.

I'll also be spending bunches more time in the kitchen.  And reporting back to you all on the (hopefully) prolific successes... and inevitable failures... that are to ensue.  I not only have a backlog of recipes and photos to post from the past few hectic weeks, but also a plethora (you know, alot) of ideas and plans in the works.  It is the end of summer, after all.  Gotta live it up while I can!

Here's a list of some things I have in store:
  • fermented things: sauerkraut, salsa, pickles, etc.
  • a ladies-luncheon-potluck with my BFF's 
  • a week of homemade dinners and restaurant food with my mom and aunt who will be visiting from the midwest!!
  • lots, we're talking tons!, of roasted pepper dishes (screw the heat, that broiler will be turned ON)
  • kayaking in Lake Washington (not food-related, but so so much fun)
  • reading, Reading, READING!! Magazines and cookbooks and novels, oh my! (It's an exciting activity when 'textbook' is not in the sentence)

With that, I leave you with this photograph of some delectable grilled vegetables that my friends and I had the pleasure of nibbling on (well, 'scarfed' would probably be the more accurate term) at a BBQ this past weekend.

What are your plans for the rest of this sweet, fleeting summer?

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