Monday, October 19, 2009


The changes that can occur in just two months time... It's been that long since I've posted here, and in the mean time my life has somersaulted with a half twist, leaving me dizzy and slightly disoriented. I'm still attempting to walk a straight line without the world seeming to spin double-time beneath my feet.

First there was The Move. It wasn't the distance that so daunted me with this change of address. No, the distance was less than half a dozen blocks. Nor was it the act of moving itself. I'm definitely no novice when it comes to packing my bags and heading off for new territory. This move was especially trying because it meant leaving something. Someone, rather. But that's no topic for this blog.

Shortly after relocation came the sudden start of the school year. No, I'm not a teacher. I'm a "returning student". I guess that's the PC way to say that I've been slacking on my education for awhile, but that I'm finally getting off my lazy behind and back in front of the old blackboard. Typically I love school. Books are my friends, reading is sexy... all that jazz. This September, however, my mind was off on vacation in outer space and unable to focus on empirical observations and quadratic equations. Let's just say that one month in, I'm still trying to find my groove.

Despite the rocky transitions, I'm very happy to report on the kitchen space in my new home. Window? Check. Brand new gas range? You better believe it. Enough cabinet space for both mine and my roommate's gadgets? Amazing. Now that I've settled into this big, old house and my slightly hectic student schedule, I need to get back into gear and work on breaking in this new stove.

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